Solar Energy

Generating electricity with solar energy is the only way to reverse the global warming problem. Because when we convert solar energy into electricity, we absorb the sun’s warming effect, and also we do not use fossil resources to generate electricity. Therefore, solar energy is the most environmentally friendly form of electricity generation among renewable energies.

Generally, solars are used in three ways.

  1. Using photovoltaic cells to generate electricity directly from sun power. This approach can empower all kind of systems from cell phone charging units to electric car charging stations. It depends on how many photovoltaic cells are in the solar panel installation.
    cell phone charging units using sun powerelectric car charging stations using solar energy
  2. Solar heating & cooling systems. These solar systems are used to acclimatize a room or a building without converting solar energy to electricity. This prevents our loss of efficiency in generating electricity from sun power. Solar heating & cooling sysyems can be used in a wide perspective from small to large-scale projects. Solar owens are examples of small ones.Solar Oven
  3. Concentrating solar power. Sun energy can be transformed into a heating system with very high temperatures. Elecricity also can be generated with such solar power systems. Concentrating sun power allows us to run very big electricity generating turbines. The heat in these solar pv systems can melt aluminum and even rocks.

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